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From 500 carrier bags customised with print

Here you go! 500 customised plastic carrier bags with print delivered to you within 7 days. One or two sides printing , customised with your logo, 1-4 colours PMS. Be it a  last minute campaign decision, a onetime event or on a limited budget, we can deliver the plastic carrier bags you need within 7 days, customised with print from as little as 500 plastic bags with logo or more. Whereas the other suppliers demand minimum order quantities of 3,000 and more, we differentiate from this policy with a minimum order quantity of just 500 plastic carrier bags, fully customised with print and logo to carry out your corporate identity.

Printed plastic carrier bags customised with corporate logo are mobile business cards, you can maximise your advertisement using plastic carrier bags with customised print and logo as these are seen, read and remembered by thousands of potential customers.

Our customised plastic carrier bags with print and logo can be reused, hence the amount of people that will be seeing your logo is tremendous. Advertising with plastic carrier bags is one of the most efficient ways of exposing your business to people, as your logo is literally embedded in print on the surface of a customised plastic carrier bag. After all, what would be a better way of investing 300-900 Pounds in a marketing campaign and get as much out of it as possible? It is hard to get a better efficiency score than with your customised plastic carrier bags with logo and print. Let your brand work for you! Our printed plastic carrier bags with logo are daily seen by millions of people, make sure your brand is on them to expose your message to users who carry around their customised plastic carrier bags with logo everywhere.
At Print Carrier Bags  we have become experts in printing customised plastic carrier bags.
Plastic carrier bags customised with logo or imprint will carry out your identity. They will literally take you everywhere!

Our experienced staff will help you choose the best possible plastic carrier bags which will maximise your brand exposure. As we appreciate every business, whether small or large, Print Carrier Bags distinguishes itself from the other suppliers by carrying a minimum quantity policy of just 500 plastic carrier bags with logo and to deliver them within 7 days. Take advantage from this today, and increase your brand exposure!

Contact us today with any enquiry or questions you may have. We are there to offer you the customised solutions you need.